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Bootleggerslab - drinks with your character

Bootleggerslab laboratory produces limited lots of strong alcoholic beverages and works in two directions:

• Sector HORECA Anchor

Each institution, in the bar which presents a range of alcohol, is constantly looking for ways to surprise the guest. Cocktails, craft beer ... But what about connoisseurs of pure alcohol, preferring stronger drinks? We know how to surprise a gourmet! Make him a unique offer - the royal drink, which is not found on store shelves. The unique taste of Botleggerslab products will not leave indifferent the most sophisticated guest!

• Development of piece drinks

You are puzzling over a gift, trying to surprise a person who has everything? Are you afraid of being unoriginal when choosing a gift for a manager or a birthday man? Or, perhaps, while tasting strong alcohol in a bar, catch yourself thinking that a pair of notes in a glass is not enough and does not at all please what is available to everyone?

We will be happy to solve these difficult tasks and let you touch the fascinating process of creating your individual drink. Cheeky or playful? With a hint of caramel or chocolate? The Creator is you, we will only realize the flight of fantasy and arrange it into the chosen container, decorated with a label with your name.

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Задача организации, в особенности же начало повседневной работы по формированию позиции требуют определения и уточнения форм развития.

For partners

Thus, the further development of various forms of activity largely determines the creation of positions held by participants in relation to the tasks assigned. Equally, the implementation of the planned targets is important in the formation of the system of training personnel, meets the needs.

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